STELRAD K3 Radiators Contribute Towards Barnsley Hospital Decarbonisation Project

Stelrad radiators are the heat sharing choice of projects providing homes and commercial properties up and down the country and increasingly for large public buildings like hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. Many of these projects are seeing heat pump technology integrated with the heating and cooling systems installed in both upgrades and new build facilities, and radiators, when sized properly, work well with ground source and air source heat pumps, sharing heat around the buildings.  

Stelrad’s K3 radiators are manufactured with three panels and three sets of fins to maximise the heat available from a low temperature heating system and allow radiators to contribute in a big way to the decarbonisation of our heating systems here in the UK and Ireland. 

Barnsley Hospital is one such project where radiators and heat pumps combine to provide impressive heating and hot water provision for a major NHS facility in South Yorkshire. The hospital has received multi-million-pound funding to swap out its old gas boilers for new air source heat pumps in an effort to increase the site’s green energy credentials. The project has seen the specification of more than 300 Stelrad K3 radiators, to share the heat from the low temperature heating system that is generated by five air source heat pumps that have been installed at the hospital. 

The hospital has benefitted from the government’s public sector decarbonisation fund – through which billions have been handed out as part of a campaign to not only reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions in public buildings but save taxpayers an estimated £650m by 2037. 

Barnsley Hospital has launched an ambitious new ‘green plan’ which sets out proposals for becoming carbon net zero by 2040, which has seen new recycling bins installed, as well as new reusable surgical masks, gowns and caps, and paperless prescribing become the preferred option. 

Last month, the hospital introduced its first public charging point and doubled the number available for staff from 10 to 20. 

The current phase of the new heating system installation at the hospital has seen more than 300 Stelrad K3 Compact radiators installed across a number of buildings including offices, training centres and administration blocks on what is a huge NHS hospital estate. The radiators were installed by South Yorkshire Mechanical and supported by Paul Franklin, Stelrad’s Specification Manager for Yorkshire and East Midlands.

We are delighted to be involved in this impressive project at Barnsley Hospital, It’s great to see our radiators working well with modern renewable heating systems not just in residential properties but in major public sector projects like this one where the hospital is committed to decarbonisation over the next few years and sees the upgrade of its heating system as a key contributor to those aims. Our K3 radiator range is a perfect solution for renewable low temperature heating systems – offering 50% more heat from a radiator with the same radiator footprint as a K2 radiator – perfect for projects of this nature and capable of delivering the comfort heating required in offices and administrative buildings in much the same way as they do in homes up and down the country.

Stelrad’s Paul Franklin

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