STELRAD’s Low Surface Temperature Radiators Contribute To Special Housing Development In Wales

Stelrad Radiators low surface temperature radiators (LST) have been selected for a housing development in Torfaen in South Wales, designed for people with physical and mental disabilities. 42 LST radiators have been supplied for the project, the majority of which are the latest LST i Plus models. There are also 14 LST i Plus Xtra Protection models, designed to be used in areas that experience high humidity such as wet rooms.

The Ty’r Hen Ysgol development, at the former Ysgol Panteg Primary School site in Pontypool, features seven new bespoke apartments to meet multi-disciplinary needs across many diverse physical and mental disabilities.

The £1.4m development was funded by the Welsh Government, and developed by Melin Homes, a social housing organisation with more than 4,000 homes in ownership and management in Blaenau Gwent, Monmouthshire, Torfaen, Newport and Powys. The development was undertaken in partnership with Torfaen council, designed by Pentan Architects and built by CJ Construction.

The development is already nominated for six awards, which highlights the extremely high quality of the build and the depth of thinking that went into the design of this accommodation. Experiencing the wide range of features that have been incorporated in these apartments to keep the tenants safe and comfortable is extremely moving and highlights high level understanding of the needs of this group of potential tenants.

Low surface temperature radiators offer ‘safe to touch’ heating and are being specified increasingly across the UK for situations where the heating needs to meet NHS Guidance for ‘Safe Hot Water and surface temperature’ – in hospitals, care and nursing homes, as well as sheltered housing, schools and nurseries as well as an increased amount of housing that may be used by vulnerable people during that home’s lifetime.

Stelrad has recently released two new additions to its already extensive range by adding an LST Standard Deco and LST i Plus Deco design – both featuring its popular Deco horizontal lined fascia to make the casings for the radiators more aesthetically pleasing.

LST radiators are designed to ensure they offer as much protection as possible to those for whom they are designed to provide heating.  As well as ensuring the casing never exceeds 43 degrees C, they also include rounded corners and edges to the design to avoid damage from sharp edges. Remembering that LST radiators are installed in the main part of buildings to offer protection to older and vulnerable people, additional benefits such as safety grilles, easy to operate heating controls and even arthritic adaptors for people who are unable to grip controls easily, can be incorporated to provide a user friendly ‘package’ for those they seek to help.

“We’re more than pleased that our LST radiators have been selected for this impressive development,”

Stelrad’s David Last, Specification Manager.

“It’s at times like this that we realise that radiators aren’t just radiators. On occasions, they are vital components of a home design, to provide overall safety and warmth to individuals who need special care.

Stelrad’s David Last, Specification Manager continued.

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