Radiators adding COLOUR….

Increasingly, radiators are being seen as part of the décor, worth investing a little more in, rather than simply a means of sharing heat around the home.

Stelrad's Concord design radiators. Available in horizontal, vertical and up to 36 colour options_SM

In some cases, they are quite literally a focal point of a room – even more so now that coloured radiators are growing in popularity, allowing interior designers, architects and more design savvy homeowners to select radiators that match or contrast the other decoration in a room.

The arrival of coloured radiators is a major step forward in the radiator marketplace and Stelrad was the first major player in the sector to add coloured radiators to its standard range – available from stock in a small range of colours and sizes at first, for delivery within 72 hours of ordering.

Many of Stelrad’s radiators are available in up to 36 different colours with an eight-week lead time, but it has added a number of its radiator designs to the ‘available from stock’ list and the increase in orders for these has shown how important coloured radiators will become in the next few months and years.