Omnie Ground Source Solution For Unique Plymouth Property

After waiting a decade to gain planning permission to build their new home in a location steeped in British Naval history, a Devon couple were determined to optimise not just the views available, but also the technical specifications: choosing an OMNIE ground source heat pump to deliver the high hot water demand underfloor heating requirements throughout the spacious four bedroom property.

The Modern Movement inspired, four-level structure stands in the grounds of Mount Stone House, close to Plymouth’s famous Royal William Yard, with a striking seascape visible from an upper vantage point in the terraced gardens.  The owners have worked with architect, Miles Lynch and the main contractor, to optimise the spaces created, while Cornwall based heating and plumbing company is the building services and renewables specialist which recommended installing the OMNIE SWCV 92H1 ground source heat pump. The SWCV 92H1 meets DHW demand from the four en-suite bathrooms, kitchen, utility and cloakroom. 

Offering an output of up to 8.6kW, the highly efficient heat pump harvests renewable energy from three ground collectors inserted in 50m deep boreholes, which, drilled into the solid bedrock, reach down below sea level. A low temperature antifreeze solution circulates through the ground collectors, extracting heat from the rock and transfers it to the heat pump located in the home’s ground floor plant room. The compressor, at the heart of the SWCV 92H1, raises the bedrock temperature to provide hot water for a 400 litre cylinder set to 55ºC and the underfloor heating circuits operating with flow temperature of up to 40ºC. The heat pump is calculated to achieve a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 4:4.

The Managing Director of the heating and plumbing company commented: “We cover the whole of the South-west doing plumbing, heating and renewable installation projects for domestic and commercial customers and started using OMNIE underfloor heating systems back in 2009, before also fitting the company’s air and ground source heat pumps when they launched a couple of years later.”

“We have built up a good rapport with OMNIE and its technical consultants:  they have a solution for every type of bespoke challenge that we come up against. We do not need to be MCS certificated to offer clients the OMNIE heat pumps, as the company takes care of all the certification matters and carries out the final commissioning – enabling the client to apply for the RHI* payments. “

“The project here in Plymouth has gone very well and we are currently working on a couple more bespoke projects down in Cornwall where we are using the underfloor heating and heat recovery ventilation systems.”

The OMNIE SWCV variable GSHP rang is available in three single phase sizes with output up to 13.5kW and can be suitable for commercial as well as residential developments. They are compact and neatly packaged, while they are also supplied with peripheral equipment such as the necessary expansion vessels and manifold for connection to bore holes or shallow ground arrays.

*The Renewable Heat Incentive offers owners payments for the heat their air or ground source heat pumps generate.