OMNIE Package Heats Low Energy Hillside House In North Yorkshire

A contractor developer, targeting the high end property market in the area around the Yorkshire towns of Ripon and Harrogate, is utilising a renewables and underfloor heating package from OMNIE to provide all of the space heating and hot water, as well as to maintain indoor air quality.

For the new-build five-bedroom house hear Ripon, Hotham Construction is making use of insulated concrete formwork for the walls of structure, as well as a highly insulated pitched roof supported by JJI engineered timber joists, to keep heating loads to a minimum.  

OMNIE determined that a 7kW LG Therma V air source heat pump would be sufficient to feed the Ultimate and OgeeBoard UFH circuits, along with all of the domestic hot water requirements. OMNIE also designed and supplied a full MVHR system for the house.  

The 18mm thick, precision routed XPS insulation panels feature a special ‘diffuser channel’ concentric to the pipe runs.  These significantly increase contact and heat transfer from the pipes when the Levelflex self-levelling compound is laid across the installed 12mm PE pipework.  

For the lower ground or basement, OMNIE’s OgeeBoard XPS panels were laid throughout the bedrooms, bathrooms and a generous sized gymnasium which adjoins the home’s plant room.