Installer hails ‘modern method of underfloor heating’

A Southwest based plumbing and heating contractor has expressed his belief that underfloor heating systems can not only deliver optimum energy efficiency, in tandem with renewables or conventional boilers, but also that they can be simple to install and – crucially – respond as quickly as radiators.

Trowbridge based Lee McClurg Plumbing Limited works mainly in the domestic sector and has completed more than 50 properties for award winning developer, Ashford Homes using OMNIE’s TorFloor system.

In its most recent project involving the use of OMNIE underfloor heating, Lee McClurg Plumbing installed both the ClipPlate system across the beam-and-block ground floor construction and the TorFloor system, fitted directly across a first floor structure of the widely used metal web joists. Thus demonstrating the compatibility of the manufacturer’s portfolio with Modern Methods of Construction.

The work centred on the Preston Leigh, a development of six luxury detached properties being built by Ashford Homes (South-Western), close to the centre of Cirencester, a historic market town just a few miles from the Cotswold Water Park. Each of the high specification homes offers five bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with excellent occupant comfort from the gas fired heating.

Lee McClurg commented: “We have installed a variety of underfloor heating systems in the past, but found the OMNIE TorFloor to be the best available, because it is so straightforward and it really works. The developments have included Elmhurst Gardens in Trowbridge and another development, Southwinds Farm, Woolverton.

“Normally the housebuilder’s carpenters install the TorFloor Panels directly across the floor joists which saves having to lay chipboard flooring first. Then one person can fit the heating pipe directly into the routed channels, using a de-coiler and because you only have a thin layer of plywood between the pipe and the carpet the room warms up really rapidly.

“I did actually have one of OMNIE’s technical reps come on site to run through the installation and commissioning procedure once, but it is so easy we have just got on with it since then, following the layout drawings and, in this case, connecting back to seven and eight- port Precision-Flo manifolds. While the Preston Leigh properties are fitted with gas boilers, I have installed OMNIE underfloor heating with an air source heat pump, for which it is an ideal means of heat delivery. For difficult situations it is the best UFH system by a country mile!”

The overall depth of the TorFloor panel is 22mm, featuring ball-routed channels with a unique pattern to accept 12mm diameter pipes. The multi-directional design includes integral aluminium diffusers, to help create an even distribution of warmth to the occupied spaces, while an additional 6mm thick plywood covering layer has to be bonded to the TorFloor panel, to complete a structural deck and accept floor finishes.

In addition to being manufactured under ISO 9001 and complying with the requirements for a BS1264 installation, TorFloor has been tested by the internationally respected TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) laboratories, confirming its strength and fitness for fulfilling a structural role.

OMNIE offers a full range of solutions for rapid completion and restricted construction depths, as well as its TileOver range. For more information contact OMNIE’s technical sales team at or call 01392 363605.