CCL Wetrooms launch New Tilesure Waterproof & Decoupling Membrane

Whilst the evolution of the wetroom industry continues without abatement, the fundamental key to a successful wetroom remains the same – an effective waterproofing strategy. The growth in smarter, greener technologies that have a lower impact on the environmental footprint can now offer alternative waterproofing solutions to housebuilders.


In response to this, CCL Wetrooms, the UK’s leading wetroom specialist, have launched Tilesure, a new Butyl Waterproofing and Decoupling Membrane, suitable for waterproofing wetroom floors on timber and solid floors. Tilesure is an evolution of the market leading RIW Tilesafe bitumen-based membrane, which has been developed to provide a comprehensive wetroom tanking solution whilst embracing cleaner, more environmental and sustainable development practices.

The new Tilesure membrane has superior decoupling properties of up to 12mm, ensuring that any movement in the floor substrate is accommodated, thus preventing the grout and floor tiles from cracking. Not only will Tilesure membrane bridge any tension across the substrate, but it creates a secure waterproof barrier that is guaranteed to remain waterproof for the life of the wetroom tiles.

Tilesure is a 1.4mm self-adhesive waterproofing & decoupling membrane, containing a copolymer layer and polypropylene top fleece. At 12mm, Tilesure offers greater decoupling properties than Tilesafe and thanks to butyl’s durability and greater temperature tolerances, the membrane can be installed simply and easily on-site at all temperatures. The easy peel release liner aids its installation on site, allowing the top layer to be walked on prior to the application of floor tiles. As Tilesure comprises a sticky layer on the underside of the membrane only, more efficient working practices for following trades can be employed onsite.

“Since the introduction of RIW Tilesafe onto the market 15 years ago, the construction industry has seen huge changes in working practices and technological advances in product design. In order to meet the demand for more environmentally sustainable products, we have taken the decision to move away from using bitumen in our range of waterproofing membranes and have developed the new butyl based membrane Tilesure. Offering improvements to the installation process on-site, as well as greater decoupling properties than Tilesafe, we’re delighted that Tilesure offers customers an evolution to the market leading Tilesafe membrane.”

Howard Ball, CCL Wetrooms Director

Tilesure Waterproofing & Decoupling Membrane comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, based on the lifetime of the tiles initially fitted on top of the membrane. Installed in combination with Flexible Wall Membrane (FWM), the combined system provides a guaranteed comprehensive wetroom waterproofing strategy and an entirely waterproof barrier, with an optional installation guarantee from the manufacturer.

For full technical details, please visit or call the technical team on 0844 327 6002.