Wetrooms for Dogs


Keeping pets pampered is a joy for countless owners across the UK. After all, their unconditional love makes them deserved of an enjoyable and comfortable life. This desire for our pets to be happy is reflected today in a number of pet-related home trends, ‘dog showers’ and ‘dog wetrooms’ being one of them.


Luxury Bathing for Dogs – Showers & Wetrooms

If you own a dog, you’ll understand the difficulty of keeping them clean, particularly in the winter months. With incessant lashing rain, muddy puddles and the infamous heaps of animal muck that dogs just love to roll in; it’s a constant battle of suds vs mud.

Trying to transfer your mucky pup into a tall bathtub is difficult at the best of times, but this issue is exaggerated when your beloved pooch is slippery, slimy and on the larger side. Hosing them down isn’t an ideal option either, with freezing cold jets of water in the chilly temperatures.

So, it’s no wonder more and more owners are leaning towards the idea of incorporating an accessible bathing solution for their pet. A simple search online will highlight many large and invasive dog shower options that are something of an eyesore and raised from the ground.

However, the most efficient way to keep your dog clean whilst maintaining a sense of luxury and serenity in your home is by incorporating a wetroom for dogs.

Benefits of a Wetroom for Dogs

Unlike dog showers, a wetroom is completely level, with no trip hazards and most importantly, is waterproof; it removes the need for raised basins or platforms. With clean lines and barely there drainage systems, they make for the ultimate luxury edition to your home, meaning you can keep the sense of luxury you want and your pooch can keep clean and content. You can take a look at some of CCL Wetrooms luxury wetroom designs in their gallery.

Completely waterproof
No need to worry about your dog shaking its wet, muddy coat against the walls – CCL Wetrooms’ waterproofing systems mean that you can get the room as wet as you like with no damage to the floors or walls or puddles that need mopping up. Sleek drainage systems also effortlessly drain water away fast, meaning your pooch doesn’t have to stand in mucky water for longer than needed.

Accessible and Easy to Clean
With no raised basins and levels, the days of lifting your dog into a bath or shower are over – you can simply walk straight in and let the scrubbing commence. A wetroom also makes cleaning a breeze – with no awkward corners or unreachable areas, simply shower down the walls and floors after you’ve washed your pet.

Located anywhere
No-one wants to drag a dirty wet dog upstairs, so the beauty of a wetroom is that it can be installed anywhere within your home, such as downstairs in your garage or as part of your utility room. Simply ensure you choose the correct wetroom systems for the floor type you’re going to install it on to.

Comfortable and Stress free
As a wetroom is so open and spacious, stress is minimised for your pet – they don’t have to clamber up and over any levels or withstand the sharp, cold blast of the garden hose outside. Instead, they can experience comforting warm water without feeling trapped.

If you’re interested in installing a wetroom for your dog at home, they can help you through the specification process.