Soundproofing a multi residential & commercial space

Hush Acoustics were called to a former Woolworths Store turned Snooker Hall in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, which was being converted into a ground floor sports shop with nine 1st floor apartments above. The brief was to address the acoustics within the building, whilst also meeting the required fire regulations.

After visiting the site, Hush specified their HD1030 system to meet these requirements. The HD1030: Hush System LP is compliant with UK Building Regulations Approved Document E and is suitable for refurbishment projects with timber structures that incorporate lath and plaster ceilings. It also has 1-hour fire resistance at ceiling level.

Working closely with EH Building Contractors, the HD1030 system was carefully installed. To do this, the floor was insulated between the joists with Hush Slab 100, rested on Hush Mesh Fire Wire, before a new structural deck of plywood on timber packers were installed, creating a level base to hold the acoustic floor system.

19mm Plasterboard Plank was then laid over and sealed using Hush Acoustic Sealant. Hush Panel 28 was then fitted as the overlay acoustic flooring treatment, finished over the plank in the opposite direction, ensuring all joints were staggered. The perimeters of the Hush Panel were then sealed using Hush Seal 20 and all joints glued with Hush Bond Panel Adhesive.

Hush Twin Frame Metal Stud Party Walls were installed onto the plywood structural floor and isolated using Heavy-Duty Isolation Tape. The stud walls were insulated using the Hush Slab 100 Sound Absorber, ensuring that the cavity between the two stud frames were kept clear. Two 15mm Soundbloc Plasterboards were used to either side of the wall, to achieve that acoustic and fire performance requirements.

Once completed, Acoustic testing was undertaken on site to evaluate the results. The twin metal stud wall achieved an airborne performance of 56db (DnTw+Ctr).

An airborne sound test was then carried out between the sports shop and one of the 1st floor apartments which achieved a performance of 47 dB (DnTw+Ctr). All of the acoustic performance was achieved by Hush’s HD1030 system without any significant ceiling treatment.