Flexconsole Plus gets accolades from installers

One of Flamco’s established products is receiving accolades from installers up and down the country. The Flexconsole Plus contains a mounting bracket for an expansion vessel, a Flexvent auto air vent, a Prescor pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge.

Installer Glen Wakeling from HeatSpec, a Leicester based installation company, has recently used the Flexconsole Plus in an impressive heating system installation in a refurbishment project in the heart of Leicestershire.

“For me it’s a no brainer and one of the best bits of kit I’ve come across. Clearly it makes installation easier and quicker when you can combine an expansion vessel, a PRV and a pressure gauge in one hit. One of the key advantages is that the expansion vessel can be removed to service without draining down the system water.

“I find it makes the installation more aesthetically pleasing and that’s borne out by customers reactions when they are shown the finished installations in their homes or in the plant room for their systems. Importantly it’s up to the job and provides a far stronger mount when compared to alternatives. It offers a generally much neater install and offers a decent time saving from installation and servicing. It’s a great piece of kit.”

John Lynch is Flamco’s Sales Director – Domestic and says in his just over a year with the company this is typical of the options available from Flamco that have perhaps been amongst the best kept secrets in the installation world.

“Flamco has always been best known as a commercial heating expert but for many years, both here in the UK and in mainland Europe, we’ve been supplying high quality equipment for domestic installation as well.

“The Flexconsole Plus is one of the clever products we offer that provides a secure mounting bracket combined with a number of other products that saves installers and their customers time and money while ensuring servicing can take place without having to drain a system.

“We’ve seen increased take up of the product in recent months as awareness of the Flamco brand in the UK has grown – as Glen says it’s one of those pieces of equipment that seem to be an obvious ‘no brainer’.

For more information head for www.flamco.co.uk.