The importance of Natural Light

When designing both residential and commercial buildings, the provision of natural light, both for energy efficiency and wellbeing plays a crucial part in the process.

Whilst windows need to remain functional, allowing them to be opened, to safely carry glazed units and ensure thermal efficiency, the profiles need to be a slim as possible to allow as much natural light into the building space as possible.

Valentine Place

Until recently, the slimmest profiles have only been available in steel, but now, more efficient systems designed in aluminium are available with very slim sight lines. One of the most advanced systems is designed and supplied into the U.K. market by the leading Polish systems company, Aluprof.

The ‘Industrial Window’ was developed in Poland to enable many of their historic buildings to be refurbished with similar slim window profiles. Here in the U.K. the system has been used on both new and refurbishment projects.

One of a growing number of developments in the U.K. and Ireland, Valentine Place in London, is a new build development consisting of various apartments and mews style houses located in a built up area within Southwark. The importance of using as much available light as possible, lead the design team to specify the ‘MB-60 Industrial’ system.

Not only does the system offer a slim sight line appearance, but the profiled design of the components give it a truly ‘industrial’ appeal.

Aluprof UK’s head office and extensive distribution centre is located in Altrincham, Cheshire. Aluprof systems are increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and commercial projects across the UK including Passivhaus projects. Systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained local companies, to ensure each fabricated product meets Aluprof’s exacting standards.

Further information is available on the company’s website at and specialist advice is available directly from Aluprof’s UK offices.