Star Rider Slide

The Star Rider Slide is 360 degrees of fun. Twice. Two helical slides, mirrored side-by-side, propel riders to their winning splash. The evocative sinuous forms, with their alluring curves, are a sculptural highlight in the spectacular pool pavilion.

Star Rider by Splinter Works  3

Juxtaposed against the faceted ceiling with sharp geometric fins (designed to control the acoustics), the overall aesthetic bursts with energy and drama. The design features are tempered by the gentle colours of the surfaces, that suffuse the space with a serene elegance. The equilibrium achieved in this design collaboration results in a pool space that not only functions as a superlative leisure space, but one that has artistic merit too, an aesthetic alchemy to inspire and enjoy.

“It was an honour to be invited by to work on this project by celebrated designer Rafael de Cárdenas from Architecture at Large. Taking their concept for the slide, and turning it into reality was an ambitious undertaking.

With the client and design team delighted with the final piece, it is fantastic to see we can collaborate so successfully with other designers who need our specialist knowledge and skills.” Miles Hartwell, Co-founder Splinter Works

Working with the constraints of the building and regulations governing swimming pool safety, made the project a challenge, but with Splinter Works’ specialized experience, the concept was achieved to remarkable results. With this experimental design came a creative design process, which included a full-size polystyrene mock up, with a plastic liner with water and soap poured down it so the client could try it out first!

“The slides needed to retain their clean lines and beautiful surface finish to stay true the original concept.  Creating a working sculpture that was free of structural armature, fixtures and fittings, which would compromise the sleekness of the spirals, pushed the limits of concealed engineering and called for us to develop a unique, metallic finish that was painstakingly shaped and hand rendered over many days.” Matt Withington – Co-founder Splinter Works.

The project features in a monograph by Rizzoli, Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd./Architecture at Large.

Slide by Splinter Works Ltd. Interior Design by Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd./Architecture at Large