Outdoor Living Made Easy With CRL Glass Rooms And Louvred Pergolas

The CRL Outdoor Living Collection offers a wealth of opportunities to make the most of a property’s exterior, whatever the weather. All year round CRL Glass Rooms and Louvred Pergolas provide a comfortable environment to enjoy outdoor areas, while protecting from the changing seasons, whether it be sun, wind or rain.

CRL Glass Rooms are completely bespoke, with a range of fitting options now available. The wall-supported option can be chosen with just two vertical supports with a projection of up to 6m and a simple two-post design for a minimalistic look, while using three or more vertical supports the CRL Glass Room can span even the largest of spaces.

Tricky corners can be negotiated with a wall-supported Glass Room with a 90° Corner, giving a dual aspect across the outdoor area. For even more flexibility in outdoor living design, the new CRL Freestanding Glass Room can span areas up to 6m by 4.5m with a maximum height of 3m, ideal to cover hot tubs, pools and outdoor kitchens and allowing them to be used even in inclement weather. By combining multiple Freestanding Glass Rooms large areas can be spanned, ideal for commercial purposes.

Just as flexible are CRL Louvred Pergolas. The remote controlled bioclimatic slats on the freestanding structure are easily adjustable to let light through and promote airflow while keeping out harsh glare or can be completely closed for protection from the rain. CRL Glass Rooms and Pergolas have a modern progressive design, all the individual components such as rafters and wall connectors have been designed to complement each other perfectly, creating a sophisticated and modern appearance.

Its timeless design integrates seamlessly with almost all types of architecture and with the range of optional extras, including blinds, heating, and lighting, it is simple to create an outdoor living space in keeping with its surroundings. www.crlglassrooms.co.uk