New Product Success Stories From NAVIGATOR

There’s a simple, straightforward and inexpensive way of installing magnetic protection in a heating system with a minimum of tools and without breaking into existing pipework. RADMAG is a simple and proven product designed in the UK and available through merchants supported by Navigator MSL.  

Fitted in minutes into most towel rail type radiators, it’s a totally unobtrusive unit containing a high-powered magnet array that can be extended to optimise the ferrite capture area for magnetic metal debris circulating in the heating system. This can be removed periodically for inspection – typically every year when the boiler is serviced – wiped clean and re-inserted to continue the removal of harmful ferrous particles in the system. 

RadMag is the easiest way to add magnetic filtration to any wet heating system that has standard towel rails or designer radiators. 

When coming up with the idea for RadMag, I recognised that manufacturers fit heating elements to them so why not a removable magnetic filter? A lot of heating engineers use the towel warmer to dose a system with cleaner or inhibitor so why not also use it to fit a filter too…

RadMag’s inventor, Mark Norris, said

This is a simple but highly effective way of removing unwanted ferrous debris from a heating system. It’s a low-cost solution that improves the efficiency of the system, is simple and quick to install and equally easy to clean and maintain. Even the packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable.

Andrew Smith, Navigator MD says

And there’s a brand new product available to heating installers and plumbers – and like all great new ideas it’s simple. It’s a product that sees around 10 million of these connectors sold in the UK each year – so used literally every day, but there’s not been an improvement made to the standard option of these for years….until now. 

This new product also comes courtesy of Navigator. The Serpent is the new way to make flexible connections – particularly if you’re working in a restricted, confined space – like under a sink where there are several other pipes and fittings, or if its fully on display and you don’t want a mesh connector that quickly rusts or at best, loses its pristine look soon after fitting. And it’s an all stainless steel construction product – so its reliable and does the job 100%. 

You’ll all have come across connectors that when you bend them reduce the size of the bore and restrict the flow of water through the pipe. The Serpent has no inner liner to rupture or block, and even when the hose is bent to an acute angle, the full bore is maintained, resulting in perfect flow and much easier installation. 

The pressure rating and flexibility of the product has been successfully tested for leakage and pressure to BS EN ISO 1086:2023 which specifies a maximum test pressure of 31.5 BAR and a leak test of 1.5 times that pressure. 

It’s NSF Regulation-4 approved for use with potable water and uses only WRAS approved materials, it comes in white and has a wipe clean outer cover. It can be bent and re-bent – it won’t split or snap – and it looks really good in a visible installation – you won’t want to be hiding this connector. 

The fittings at either end – and there are a wide selection of these, both sizes and end connections – are stainless steel and easy to tighten and loosen. It’s a dream product and its available from all good plumbers merchants.

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