LG Monobloc Heat Pump is The Answer For Stan

With air source heat pumps growing in popularity in the UK, it’s worth taking a closer look at  an installation that has been working well for a while and hearing what the homeowner in question has to say about the service it has been giving over the past year or more since it was installed.

Stan Leatherbarrow is a Liverpudlian who lives in the shadow of Aintree Racecourse and he’s had to put up with Crohns Disease for more than fifty years. His condition requires him to be treated with immune suppressant drugs and it’s vital for him to have a constant temperature in his home to help him maintain his health all year round. His three bedroomed home has triple glazing and high levels of insulation to compliment his heating and hot water system.

A couple of years ago, Stan began researching alternatives to his gas fired boiler heating system. His experience was that he was constantly having to switch the system on and off to get a constant temperature in the home and to provide the levels of comfort he needed. He began to research alternative heating options and was drawn towards air source heat pumps for a number of reasons including energy efficiency, energy costs and controllability.

Michael Platt from Abacus dropped into see Stan and talk him through the options and to take a closer look at his home to see what the best solution might be for him.

The installation was undertaken 18 months ago towards the end of 2020 and the team from Abacus were in and out within two days. They installed an LG R32 Therma V 12kW monobloc air to water heat pump along with a 180 LG pre plumb hot water tank with a 50 litre buffer tank. The external unit is outside the house in the back garden and the tank is installed under the stairs. And it’s all been working like a dream.

Where he has noticed a difference is the heating. The heat pump keeps his heating at 21 degrees C each and every day of the year which is key to his comfort and helps control his Crohns Disease. He’s really enjoying the controllability of the new system and controls it from a remote controller that he keeps next to his armchair in the sitting room.

Switching to the LG heat pump was the best decision I’ve made in recent years, And the support I’ve had from Abacus has been absolutely first rate. They’ve been very good to me and I’m grateful for the excellent quality of their work and the levels of service they have given me since we decided this was the way forward for me. I’ve benefitted from the RHI as well – the renewable heat incentive – which sees me get a cheque every three months for seven years based on the renewable energy generated by the system.

Said Stan

For more information on the new LG Therma V Monobloc ‘S’ head for partner.lge.com/uk, or email LG at uk.aircon@lge.com. For more information on Abacus Energy Solutions head for www.abacusenergysolutions.co.uk or call them on 0330 124 4299 and to contact Bublshop call 01747 826900 or head for www.bublshop.co.uk.