Does Your Door Hold a Dirty Secret?

The need for deep cleaning to combat disease has never been more pertinent, especially within health and care sectors where efforts to limit contagion have been stepped-up to minimise contamination through contact.

This includes doors – entrances to wards, operating theatres, laboratories, emergency rooms and other public areas. 

Naturally, there will be a focus on minimising contact transmission by cleaning handles, fingerplates and other door architecture that has frequent use, but what about those all-important fingerguards and drop seals? All door parts have a propensity to trap dirt or germs but can they take the impact of rigorous cleaning and remain effective?

Strand Hardware is the exclusive UK distributor for Athmer finger protection which has undertaken rigorous testing of its products using a range of cleaning agents.

The products were extensively tested using with the most common cleaning agents and disinfectants from the RKI/VAH list. They were examined for possible reactions and resistance to:

  • Bacillol AF
  • Incidin +
  • Trichlorol
  • Optisept
  • Milk of lime
  • Terralin
  • Helipur

The tests found little or no reaction to the 100% pure solutions, with only slight discolouration of fabric due to deposits caused by evaporation of the cleaning products. No negative impact was caused to the durability or function of the components.

Finger protection is a vital safety measure in public buildings, particularly those where children or vulnerable people are present. A closing door will exert a massive amount of pressure on fingers or hands trapped in the hinge gap and can cause injury.

Catherine Franks, Managing Director of Strand Hardware, was keen to point out that not all fingerguards are made equal.

There are a great deal of cheap plastic finger protectors coming into the UK which may not have durability or resistance to cleaning products. As with heat, cold or aging, detergents can cause plastics to become brittle

Catherine Franks

Athmer finger guards offer a quality product range which is durable and reliable, preventing injuries by eliminating the danger of accidental finger entrapment between the closing edges of the door leaf and the door frame. Specifiers should choose products that have been tested to BS8613 as well as being tested with cleaning products

Catherine Franks continues

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