Temple Meads Roof Refurbishment Work Protected By FIREFLY Fire Barrier

A programme of works to repair and repaint the roof structure to Bristol Temple Meads railway station is featuring the use of the ZEUS Horizontal fire barrier system from TBA FIREFLY™  employed to enclose a series of shallow arch scaffold beams or ‘cassettes’ that span the tracks, thereby protecting the workforce from any potential train fire as they use the access deck above.

In total, the work has consumed some 3,600m2 of the high performance and fully certificated system. FIREFLY™  ZEUS Horizontal 60:30 is able to offer 30 minutes’ insulation and a full one hour’s integrity in a variety of applications.  

Third Party certified by IFCC (certificate No 1532) Zeus Horizontal comprises a flexible fabric which is chemically treated to optimise its thermal properties and prevent the spread of fire.  While it was actually developed to create compartmentation within hidden areas of buildings, such as roof spaces and floor voids, the system is also ideally suited for protecting the underside and vertical sides to the scaffold cassettes. 

Small quantities of TBA’s WP non-combustible weather protection membrane will also be installed at the ends of the canopy.