MARMOX Tilebacker Board Used For Five Bathroom Fit-Out In Kent Property

‘The Tilebacker’ board manufactured by Marmox Limited, has been chosen by a specialist sub-contractor working on a very large residential property in Maidstone, to help create a total of five bathrooms and en-suite shower rooms.  

With some 130m2 of wall area to address and 22mm thick structural ply already fixed in place as the substrate, it made practical and economic sense to switch to the new value-for-money alternative. The lightweight boards are manufactured using an extruded polystyrene base, topped with a double layer of fibreglass mesh, embedded into a polymer cement surface.

The boards are easy to cut and install on a full bed of adhesive for floors and walls,  while plugs, screws and washers can be used for securing them over existing wooden or concrete substrates. In areas at risk from damp, Marmox Waterproof Tape can be employed to seal joints, while Marmox’s Reinforcing Tape will provide additional strength where The Tilebacker is being used in flooring build-ups.

The low thermal transmittance of 0.034 W/mK will help reduce heat loss and control condensation.