Taking a leaf out of nature’s book

Figurative knots and distinctive woodgrain configurations are both authentic and much loved wood characteristics, that are admired and sought after by specifiers everywhere. This desire for irregularity and a closer affinity with nature, has led leading interior timber door manufacturer, Vicaima to introduce the new Naturdor® Heritage Oak finish.  With its open grain and randomly mixed real Oak veneer, it takes a leaf out of nature’s book.

As a leading exponent in the use of trend-setting designs and with over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of real veneered products, Vicaima’ s Heritage Oak doors present figured oak veneer that entices the senses of true rustic wood lovers. This new wood veneer treatment has been inspired by authentic influences of nature and reflects a more recent market trend towards wooden doors that embody materials made from more genuine and under refined materials.

Naturdor® Heritage Oak reflects the unexpected harmony of nature, with veneer mixed randomly in a choice of either vertical or horizontal designs. These can have either a matt or standard sheen surface depending on taste. Heritage Oak can be enhanced yet further by the potential collaboration of decorative face grooves, or the option of deep texturing.  Introduced for 2020, Deep textured allows real veneer to take on a more rustic feel for an even greater tactile experience. Other combinations are afforded by a choice of available frame finishes, ranging from Naturdor® Oak and Stained Ash to Dekordor® foil or Lacdor paint, creating a unique style to the whole door assembly.  This fusion between a rustic oak veneer appearance, optional face grooves and choice of frame finishes, allows Heritage Oak to blend in and accentuate modern living and working space for a multitude of applications.

Emphasizing its commitment to the planet and to the sustainable use of natural resources, Vicaima Heritage Oak is covered by FSC® certification. Where performance criteria are demanded, Heritage Oak is also available in fire, acoustic and security solutions.  In addition to door only and door and frame assemblies, matching wardrobes and wall panels can also be provided.

Visit the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com.  For further inspiration and trend-setting ideas.