LG Provides Air Conditioning For New Engie HQ

The occupier of new offices in Hatfield inherited background air conditioning but through the dividing up of the floor plate of the second floor at Titan Court into smaller offices and meeting rooms, needed additional air conditioning that could be controlled room by room.

The solution was an LG 3 pipe Heat recovery Multi V 5 VRF system connected to twelve indoor ceiling mounted cassette units – each individual room sporting the name of a famous Arsenal footballer from recent history – rather giving away the allegiance of the company’s owner! Rooms in the new building are named after the likes of Bergkamp, Henry, Merson and Adams!

LG used its advanced LATS CAD software to display the concept of the installation to the client prior to the decision to select LG equipment for the task. LG Air Conditioner Technical Solutions (LATS) CAD 2.0 is a fast and effective way to create drawing plans for LG Air Conditioning Technologies systems.

There are separate tab for LATS on the Autodesk® AutoCAD® ribbon bar and this tab takes you to two menus for easily navigating various features of LATS. In addition, the system selected included the specification of an LG AC Smart 5 Central Controller as well as wireless controls for each room.

For more information, head for partner.lge.com/uk, or you can email LG at uk.aircon@lge.com.