Innovative architecture helps keep people moving

Social trends in sports are changing. Urban activities traditionally consigned to the urban landscape are now being embraced by the mainstream and incorporated into the interior sports environment. Sports such as parkour, street football and street basketball have been adopted by leisure companies to attract younger members and to keep people moving.

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj/COAST Studio

This new encouragement in sports, movement and activity, has led to a new generation of buildings offering urban activities in a raw industrial environment and which require specialist architectural innovation. For example, Troldtekt wood wool panelling is frequently used to combat the effects of noise and reverberation around these large spaces while offering visual aesthetic appeal.

This trend is examined in detail by Troldtekt in its latest theme on sports and movement which can be found here The theme includes expert articles and interviews with architects and sport science lecturers along with relevant case studies.

A good example is the 23,000 sqm Holbaek Sportsby in Denmark which encompasses a swimming pool, racquet sports, multi-purpose hall and mountain bike trails together with a modern Health Centre. Here, Troldtekt acoustic panels offer robustness and strength and natural breathability from the wood. The panels. with their superior acoustic properties, dramatically reduce reverberation where physical activity takes place.

However, with cities having less space to build on new solutions have also emerged to integrate sport and movement inside the built environment itself. This involves innovative thinking to create the efficient use of existing facilities, such as schools which can have a major impact on children’s activity levels because it is easier and more convenient to be active in buildings you are already using. Even sports parks on city roofs and corridors turned into race-tracks are become more frequent.

The essential characteristics of a good activity environment is accessibility and flexibility, inviting and comfortable zones and movement areas which are green and sustainable. Troldtekt acoustic solutions are an important part of the design, especially where activity noise is increased and the space must accommodate everyone from keen football players to jubilant children. In addition, robustness and strength, such as impact resistance to balls hitting ceilings and walls, are vital. This is why Troldtekt is so widely specified where the focus is on movement.

Specified throughout the UK and Europe, the benefits of 100% Troldtekt natural wood wool panels include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability. Available in various sizes and in four grades from extreme   to coarse, the panels can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour.

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