Retractable and in-ground power units offer clear path to marina safety

Replacing traditional service bollards with retractable, pop up service units or in ground units could help minimise health and safety risks at marinas and moorings, whilst maintaining high quality facilities and providing easy user access to electricity and water.

The comprehensive range of retractable service units and in ground power units from Pop Up Power Supplies® is already helping marina and mooring owners and operators across the UK and Ireland to reduce clutter on jetties and docksides, as well as the potential for accidents.

By switching to a service unit that can be raised or lowered as and when required, the power and water source is only there when you need it and hidden when you don’t, meaning that fewer obstacles will impede important pedestrian routes to access boats and marina services.

Pop Up Power Supplies® offers a range of four pop up, retractable units which are also known as telescopic feeder pillars. These can be raised out of the ground with ease using a turning handled and be configured to provide access to up to a 125 amps single or 3 phase incoming supply for electricity, as well as water, gas and telephone. Robust and engineered to last, the units are encased in a stainless steel and concrete structure, and the lid is available in stainless steel or cast iron with a recess if needed to accommodate the required ground surface.

In ground power units offer a solution that can be operated whilst still in the ground for continuous unattended use, which can be ideal in locations where space is at a premium. The flip lids are raised manually and are gas strut assisted, enabling cables to be connected to power sockets without the service unit becoming an obstruction on a pedestrian route. They are ideal for use in more public areas as their design minimises the potential for damage owing to vandalism, because they operate with the lid locked down with only the power cable protruding.

Pop Up Power Supplies® offers a range of six in ground units, from the Slim 250mm unit, right up to the 700mm x 500mm PUPS02 – 7050-for providing total power of up to 125 amps. All feature recessed covers to accept paving or other types of surface to achieve a seamless visual result. or call 020 8227 0208