Ecclesiastical Access Solution

TORMAX recently completed the installation of an elegant automatic glass entrance system at Gloucester Cathedral, ensuring all visitors receive a warm welcome to come and enjoy this magnificent building.  Creating a light and airy lobby area, two sets of glass sliding doors provide access into the Norman Nave, the main visitor entrance.  Powered by unique TORMAX iMotion 2202 operators, the doors silently slide open as people approach thanks to advance engineering and design that ensures a level of reliability that is unsurpassed in the marketplace. 

“With over 400,000 people visiting each year and a tradition of welcome going back to our roots as a Benedictine Abbey, Gloucester Cathedral’s front doors are in constant use,” said Lorna Giles, Head of Visitor Experience at the Cathedral.

“Our new glazed draught lobby lets our visitors see into the Cathedral on arrival and the new automatic doors have improved visitor flow whilst helping to demonstrate that all are welcome.”

The new entrance has been completed as part of Project Pilgrim, an ambitious ten-year programme of capital development, regeneration and community engagement at Gloucester Cathedral.  Aiming to improve accessibility throughout the Cathedral, Project Pilgrim has included the installation of ramps and two platform lifts, as well as making the Lady Chapel wheelchair accessible and introducing a multi-sensory layered interpretation scheme that enhances the visitor experience for people of all learning abilities. 

Working with Ellis & Co, specialist contractors in the repair and restoration of historic buildings, TORMAX was engaged to replace the existing wooden Edwardian doors with automatic glass doors that perfectly blend with the ecclesiastical aesthetics of the Cathedral.

Housed in an elegant casing that measures just 100mm high, the iMotion 2202 door operator is particularly inconspicuous, making it ideal for a traditional setting such as this.  Vibration-absorbent mountings on the guide rails ensure quiet opening and closing of the doors, helping maintain the hushed atmosphere inside the Cathedral.

A worldwide market leader, TORMAX has over 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke automatic entrance solutions whilst their cutting-edge iMotion range of operators offer adaptable solutions to suit almost any location.

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