In-Ground Units keep outdoor power supplies hidden until you need them

Providing access to essential services in outdoor spaces, including electricity, gas, water and data, without impacting negatvely on aesthetics, creating an obstacle or giving vandals an easy target, can be successfully achieved through the installation of In-Ground power units.

In-Ground power units by Pop Up Power Supplies® provide the opportunity to effectively hide away services within a robust unit. With their flip lid design, In-Ground power units enable on demand power supply with access to safe power sockets in seconds, along with water and data sockets if required.

Pop Up Power Supplies® provides a range of In-Ground units to suit all applications. These range from the Slim IGU, which is 250mm deep and ideal where only an incoming supply is required, to the PUPS02 – 7050. This offers a solution where electricity, water and data supply is needed in public places, operating with the cover closed and with plug inserted (max 1x125A), through a special rubber door for cable outlet. The cover is secured in the closed position by a safety bayonet lock in bronze, with a lever lock in stainless steel AISI 304 operated with key (square footprint).

One of the key advantages of In-Ground units is that they are designed with a recessed cover. This is built to accept paving, grass or other types of surface, to match the surroundings for the perfect result in the streetscape, grounds of a property, courtyard, vehicle yard or wherever a traditional power bollard or pillar may appear ugly, unappealing or simply get in the way. These covers are tested unfilled to FACTA class B loading (Pedestrian Precincts, Forecourts, Commercial Delivery & Parking areas).

To find out how an In-Ground power unit could provide an effective solution to your power, water, gas and data access needs in outdoor spaces, please contact us or visit: