Electrical energy power and its importance to infrastructure

Electricity has become a fundamental energy source for infrastructure in the 21st century. Every business, every industry, needs an electrical supply to function. For economies to grow, it is critical there is a suitable energy infrastructure in place.

Civil Engineers, Architects, and Urban Planners are all continuously developing towns, cities and urban spaces making them safer, more appealing places to be in.

It is widely recognised that in order to meet growing economic and social demands, a first-class electrical supply is needed to power such change.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of innovative and practical retractable service units that supply a stable, effective electrical power source for outdoor spaces.

The power units can be designed and integrated into outdoor spaces, which provide electrical outlets for market stalls, food kiosks, lighting and irrigation systems in sports stadiums, outdoor stands in leisure facilities and much more.

They provide a safe, convenient power supply for outdoor stalls and kiosks, and eliminate the need for traditional power supplies e.g. petrol generators.

Why is electricity important in infrastructure?

Electrical power has become a core component in modern life. Electricity powers businesses, which creates employment, which drives economic growth for infrastructure.

Any disruptions in electrical supply will result in major implications in social and economic factors.

The UK’s infrastructure is experiencing continued expansion and development, with more sustainable and energy efficient buildings, better transport systems, smarter telecommunications and data transfer networks, and more effective industry operations.

Town centres are being re-developed by councils in an attempt to drive shoppers back to the high street to favour local, independent retailers and cafes. Market days, craft and food festivals, charity fundraisers and more events are held in an attempt to engage communities and encourage shoppers to visit.

Such town centre re-generation projects will involve specifying an electrical supply to power such outdoor events.

We work closely with Town Planners, Civil Engineers, Architects and Contractors in designing safe, secure power supplies for outdoor areas. Our Retractable Service Units are replacing more traditional power supplies such as petrol generators. These often pose more dangers to nearby pedestrians in the form of tripping hazards or even electrocution due to the exposed power units.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of Pop Up Power Units, In Ground Units and Power Bollards which provide a safe source of electricity. Our Pop Up Units can be raised and lowered conveniently by market traders, so whenever the market event ends they can be lowered back into the ground when not needed.

Our range of In Ground Units provide a reliable, safe power source with the lids locked down. Simply, when a power supply is needed the lids are opened using a key (supplied) which reveals several power points. Just plug in and then close and lock the lids and trail the wire out to a nearby stall or kiosk safely.

Power Bollards provide an outdoor electricity supply in elegant street furniture format. These are a common site across the UK and provide a robust, stylish design to house an electrical supply for outdoor stalls.

Innovative power supplies for outdoor places

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of retractable service units which provide a safe power supply to town centres across the UK.

Locations such as Covent Garden (London), Stamford (Lincolnshire) and Gravesham (Kent) all benefit from our innovative pop up power units which provide a reliable power supply while being sensitive to local surroundings.

The PUPS01 pop up power units installed at Covent Garden are situated in the cobbled piazza area, which holds various stalls and events every week. When the power units are needed, they are raised out of the ground and provide a combination of 16A and 32A electric sockets, in single and three phase, with RCBO protection.

When the events finish and the piazza clears of stalls, the power units are simply lowered back into the ground where they have no impact on the historic aesthetics of the piazza area.

We work closely with some of the UK’s leading contractors, architects and civil engineers, creating bespoke outdoor power solutions. Our range of outdoor power supply units enable a safer, more efficient infrastructure.