Helifix structural repairs reinstate arches at historic Ally Pally

As part of a refurbishment and restoration programme at the world famous Alexandra Palace, structural repair experts, HELIFIX, devised a bespoke repair solution to secure an arch window and two adjacent minor arches on the north-west tower.

Historic movement of this Grade II listed building had caused loss of compression in the arches, allowing them to relax and move. The Helifix engineered design permanently and innovatively ties the three arches together, addressing both structural and aesthetic requirements.

Helifix used bonded HeliBars to reinforce the masonry, grouted CemTies to secure the arches and a pair of 7m long SockFix tie bars, virtually hidden from view, being carefully installed through all three arches and positioned in line with the window transoms.

Previous remedial work had involved a brick infill and steel beams that had rusted causing further brickwork damage. The Helifix solution allowed these unsightly remedial measures to be removed and the original window to be reinstated.