STO provides integrated product package for major student development

A carefully integrated package of building façade products provided by Sto has been used to create attractive new elevations for a building which has undergone extensive refurbishment. StoTherm Classic external wall insulation and a brick slip façade finish combination has been applied to the CityBlock site in Reading, which provides premium purpose-built student accommodation.

An external wall insulation and brick slip façade combination from Sto has been used to create attractive new elevations for the CityBlock building in Reading.

“The ability to source a completely integrated solution was important to us,” comments Chris Reader of Whittam Cox architects. “We knew that the various component products would be entirely compatible with each other. The Sto range allowed us to use traditional red brick slips and then add complementary grey panels to create a really contemporary visual identity for the building. Combined with the new glazing that we introduced this has totally transformed the building’s appearance.”

The StoPrim Fungal disinfectant solution used provided a highly efficient method of eliminating any algae or fungus present on the existing façade surfaces. StoTherm Classic external wall insulation was fixed to the walls with adhesive for fast and easy installation. Comprising an EPS board and entirely cement-free components, the BBA-certified StoTherm Classic provides outstanding impact resistance of 60 joules, which is up to 10 times greater than similar cementitious systems.

Sto’s traditional red brick slips and the complementary grey panels create a really contemporary visual identity for the CityBlock site

The façades were finished with Sto brick slips. Manufactured from synthetic render, these rugged and durable brick slips are compatible with all Sto façade systems. This allows architects to match the design of nearby buildings without compromising on external wall insulation. They also provide outstanding weather resistance, which allows the completed simulated brick appearance façade to keep a smart appearance for many years to come.

“This Sto product package provided an excellent solution for the CityBlock building,” adds Graham Chadwick of Craft Interior, who completed the installation work. “The original 1960s façades were showing their age, but the Sto products allowed us to update the thermal performance and also create an attractive new appearance, especially the contrasting red and grey brick slips that were used to add detailing.”

The 1960s building underwent extensive refurbishment. It is owned by student accommodation specialists CityBlock, and now offers 145 studios plus extensive communal spaces.