Integrating pop up power units into existing outdoor spaces

In recent years there has been a clear shift towards refurbishment projects as opposed to new build developments. Advances in modern day lifestyles, work patterns and leisure activities have led to many buildings and built up areas becoming outdated and redundant. As a result, there is an increasing requirement to power such regenerated outdoor spaces.

Refurbishment projects include various town centre regeneration schemes; commercial and retail developments converted into more modern, customer-friendly environment; sports stadiums converted into multi-purpose sports, events and leisure areas; and leisure facilities being upgraded, particularly within the UK, where increasing numbers of holidays opt for ‘staycations’ rather than holidays abroad.

Pop Up Power Supplies® offer a range of Retractable Service Units which are ideal for outdoor and communal refurbishments projects covering a wide number of sectors. We work closely with Architects, Developers, Contractors, Specifiers and other industry professionals, helping with the specification process into such refurbishment projects.

The rise of refurbishment projects

As previously mentioned, advances in modern lifestyles has resulted in large numbers of outdated and redundant buildings and built up areas. Developers, Councils, and Clients are opting to redevelop these existing buildings and built up areas as opposed to building new developments.

Reasons for refurbishment include a finite amount of available land and space, which in the UK is a significant issue having a relatively small land mass. The quality of buildings and outdoor areas in existence are often still structurally sound and well constructed, meaning a shorter development period for a project. This reduces build costs and increases the number of projects that can be realised.

When outdoor areas or infrastructure developments are being refurbished, it is essential that the amenities available match the requirements of the surrounding buildings and facilities. For example, sources of electricity and gas, water services, and cables/telecommunication.

This is where our range of Outdoor Pop Up Power Units benefit refurbished infrastructure developments. Due to their retractable nature, the Pop Up Units can be raised and lowered on demand. When there is a requirement e.g. market days in town centres, the Pop Up Units are simply raised by stall holders and event organisers with a simple turning key. When they are no longer needed, they are lowered back into the ground. And as the lids are infilled with the surrounding surface material e.g. paving, they appear seamless and blend in.

Our range of In Ground Units provide an outdoor source of electricity, water and data points, and importantly can be operated with the lids locked down. This means for refurbished infrastructure schemes e.g. market days in town centres again or shopping centre redevelopments, they provide a safe outdoor power supply that is away from public access.

Pop Up Power Units for refurbishment projects

Our range of Retractable Service Units have been specified on many refurbishment and redevelopment projects. As part of a regeneration project, Council Planners and Developers specified our In Ground Units in public areas in the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, for their market events they hold on a weekly basis.

Council Planners required a power source to replace all of the unsightly trailing cables that were used previously to power the stalls. On market days these often restricted access for shoppers on the pavement areas and also posed safety hazards. The Flip Lid Power Units were easily installed with only light excavation required and were an ideal solution as they provide an outdoor power source for the market stalls with the lids locked down, therefore removing any trip hazards and preventing public access.

A number of Pop Up Power Units were installed at Chiswick House, a Grade 1 Listed Heritage Site. As part of a restoration program, the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust contacted Pop Up Power Supplies® required an outdoor power supply for various stalls and events they held in the garden areas throughout the year. The Pop Up Power Units provide a safe source of electricity and only required a small digger to install, therefore minimal disruption to the gardens. And provide either a 16A or 32A power supply in both single and three phase sockets, all with RCBO protection.

A series of PUPS04 Pop Up Units were specified and installed into a redevelopment program at The Cutty Sark Historic Monument. A popular tourist attraction, The Cutty Sark attracts thousands of visitors where they visit the famous ship as well as surrounding market stalls. The stalls and kiosks required an outdoor power source, which the PUPS04 units provide. The power units provide a 16A or 32A power supply in both single and three phase plug sockets, all with RCBO protection. And importantly can be lowered back into the ground when not in use.

Power units for outside spaces

Our range of power units are supplied complete, therefore once they have been designed to the suitable specification, they are delivered to site where all the contractor has to do then is to dig the required hole and install the unit.

The simplicity of specifying the pop up plug sockets means the units are a favourite with architects, contractors, electrical engineers, developers, local councils, estates departments in universities, urban designers and many more engineering professionals.