Boiler Plus compliant controls from ESi

If you’re fitting a new gas fired combi boiler in England – currently not Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland – then Boiler Plus is important to you.

You have to make sure your customer’s new boiler is fitted with time and temperature controls, as well as one or more energy efficiency measures from a list of four.

The four options are load compensation, weather compensation, a flue gas heat recovery device or a smart thermostat with automation and optimisation.

Over recent years ESi has enjoyed phenomenal growth and is a highly competent heating controls brand, and it proudly stands behind two of its control products that very definitely are Boiler Plus compliant and selling very well on that basis. ESi’s ESRTP4RF and ESRTP5 Wifi controls are both fully Boiler Plus compliant, offering a smart thermostat with Automation and Optimisation as standard.

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