Icon Kitchen and Bedroom Studio finds winning combination of Stormer Kitchens and Ebios Bioethanol Fires

The Icon kitchen and bedroom studio in Bury, Greater Manchester was founded by Amanda Dunlop in 2015. It designs and installs high end kitchens and bedrooms from leading European and British brands throughout the north west.


Icon clients are typically looking for something different to the products that are offered by ordinary kitchen and bedroom suppliers. As well as offering premium brands and high-quality workmanship, Icon also provides many interesting accessories and finishing touches that result in total solutions for their customers.

A good example of this approach is the Ebios range of bioethanol feature fires that are supplied by DRU, a leading European fireplace manufacturer. Ebios has forged a special partnership with German kitchen maker Stormer, producing some custom-designed fires that complement their kitchen appliances and worktops.

As well as Stormer, Icon has also combined Ebios fires with other leading kitchen and bedroom brands, with equally impressive results.

Ebios fires light up kitchen and bedroom of Bury family

A good example is the recent installation at the home of Bury resident Anthony Norman, who chose an Italian-made Ernestomeda kitchen and a British Daval bedroom from Icon, both featuring atmospheric table-top Ebios fires.

Having seen the fires on live display at the Icon showroom, Anthony and his family were convinced that they would make exciting additions to their new kitchen and master bedroom.

Ebios fires require no chimney or flue, give off no harmful emissions and are 99% energy efficient. They are available in a large selection of built-in and freestanding designs for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and even gardens.

Commenting on the successful introduction of Ebios bioethanol fires, Amanda Dunlop said:

‘We are proud to represent this superior range of German-made bioethanol fires in the North West and have been impressed by the reaction of our customers to the products and the quality of service that we have received from DRU Fires in the UK.’

For further information visit: www.drufire.com,
www.iconkitchenstudio.com, www.euromobel.co.uk