Magply video launch ice cool

Black Mountain has launched a new video presentation, which opens with the terrifying image – and sound – of crackling flames, thereby vividly alluding to the purpose and the performance of its Magply, Euroclass A1 and non-combustible Fire Protection Boards.

There follows a demonstration of 9mm thick Magply being exposed to a controlled flame burning at approximately 1200 degrees centigrade – with an ice cube having been suspended behind the board and a timer set. Whilst the latter is running in the background, the commentator outlines the sectors where the board will find applications, such as schools, colleges, hospitals and industrial, as well as in commercial and domestic properties.

We then hear the fact that for non-traditional construction, passive fire protection is a requirement for timber frame walls, modular systems and spandrel panels as well as beneath roofing and rainscreen cladding, high performance dry lining and even for the surrounds to wood-burners. The video’s narrative returns to the fire test with the clock running at over 30 minutes and the suspended ice cube still intact – confirming the 9mm Magply board is still maintaining strength and resistance to the flame.

The video then goes on to explain the unique chemical make-up of Magply, with its excellent fire resistant properties derived from the bond between the magnesium and oxygen atoms, which form magnesium oxide and the dual faced construction.

The manufacturer has made the film to emphasize Magply’s superiority over other manufacturers’ boards, in terms of its strength, breathability and low carbon footprint and crucially its low chloride content which negate the moisture related problems suffered by competitors’ products. Importantly to ensure low chloride content in the manufacturing process, Magply is air dried.